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Look Out for These Things When Choosing an SUV

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Are you tired of that low performance saloon car and would love to make the big step? Upgrading to a luxury car or SUV is a common thing, especially when one has had other types of cars for a long time. An SUV provides a combination of comfort, luxury, performance, and class. Various types of high profile vehicles exist in the market. However, you need to be careful when selecting the one that will offer you the services you deserve. Here are some things you need to look out for:


Torque is an important feature. Regardless of the amount of horse power the vehicle has, it does not matter until torque is imposed. A good SUV should offer around 295 lb-ft with some powerful ones extending to 325 lb-ft. Furthermore, refined engines are a necessity in any luxury SUV. Particularly, V6 engines offer outstanding performance. The engine has the ability of settling down to any background hum without necessarily hearing it run.

Steering system

The steering of a vehicle is very important as it provides the necessary handling and balance. For a good SUV, the torque vectoring should be responsive for every single move made. The steering system of the SUV must manage both highway and off road drives. To add on that, the steering should be smooth despite the large size of the vehicle.

Unique Comfort behind the Wheel

Good SUVs must offer plenty of adjustment positions behind the wheel, allowing many drivers to have a comfortable position when driving. Some manufacturers even substitute standard seats with sport seats to offer a four-way lumbar adjustment for the best sitting posture.

Can accommodate lots of Luggage

Very few saloon cars can perfectly match an SUV in terms of sheer space. A good SUV model should be able to carry lots of luggage and still leave enough space for the rear and front passengers. Luggage space should not compromise the comfort of the passengers.

Interior and Exterior

Pay attention to the interior of the vehicle because it plays a big role in ride comfort both on and off the road. Wood trims, quality thermoplastics and leather should be combined to give good looks to the dashboard and other parts. Look out for supple, soft, and high quality leather in the interior to offer an outstanding fashion.

In addition, safety should also be a priority for any quality SUV. The vehicle should have at least seven airbags to protect the people at the front and the back.