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Cost-Saving Tips for Car Rentals

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Car rental is a convenient way to get around, especially for travellers. It allows you the freedom of movement and flexibility, which is highly convenient. However, as easy as hiring a car might seem, you need to approach the process carefully. If you do not conduct due diligence, you may run into challenges, affecting your holiday experience. Therefore, you should arm yourself with insider tips on car rental. This article highlights car hire tips for holidaymakers.

Avoid Airport Car Rentals

Most holidaymakers prefer to use car rental services at the airport terminal because it is the easiest thing to do for anyone in a new country or city. However, the services often charge a premium because of the location. Therefore, you will end up paying more for car hire, whereas you can get cheaper alternatives elsewhere. Note that getting out of an airport should not be difficult, thanks to free shuttle services. You can use a shuttle to your hotel then find car hire services in the city or suburbs, with the latter option being cheaper.

Check for Damage

When renting a car, a service provider will give you an option to sign a zero excess waiver or pass it. If you sign a zero excess waiver, you will pay more because the cost acts as insurance for potential damage to a vehicle. However, if you pass on the zero excess waiver, you must thoroughly inspect a rental car for damage. Therefore, inspect the interior and exterior for bumps, dents, and scratches. Make good use of the damage checklist a rental company provides to note every damaged section. In case you approach a rental company at night, move a car to a well-lit area to avoid missing any damaged spot. Remember to take pictures of any damage you find during your inspection since they come in handy in case of disagreements when returning a vehicle.

Avoid Separate Car Wash Charges

Imagine renting a car only to be told that you need to pay for car wash services upon returning the vehicle. While most rental companies do not charge the fee, some providers include the policy in their car hire agreement. Therefore, it is crucial to ask a rental company about their car cleaning policy before paying. If the firm charges for the service separately or insists that you should use professional car wash services, look elsewhere. Find a car hire company that includes car wash services in rental fees.

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